Tivo Feature Request

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For the past five years I have watched television primarily through the Tivo. The number of live programs that I watch has decreased almost to zero. I find this to be a largely a good thing. There’s only one problem.

The weather hysteria people feel it is necessary to cover the bottom THIRD of the screen with their scrolling gloom-n-doom banner any time there is more a single cloud in the sky. I particularly like it when the scrolling ticker is telling me about bad weather miles away to the east - downwind and moving away from me. Of course, thanks to the time shifting properties of the Tivo I am seeing this useless information days or even weeks after the event. While it is bad enough to have my show interrupted in the name of panic and fear when the program is live, to have it interrupted after the fact really sucks.

So, Tivo, if you are listening, figure out how to record the show from the national network feed rather than the local “we want to be your parent because you are too dumb to stay in out of the weather” idiots.

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