Crescent Halos

April 21, 2006

Last evening I took a short stroll around my apartment complex, mostly to burn off some nervous energy. At some point during my walk I glanced up at the night sky and discovered that the stars no longer have full-circle halos around them. Instead there is more of a crescent shaped halo.

In fact covering first one eye and then the other I discovered that the crescents are asymmetrical. For each eye the curve of the crescent is towards my nose. The right eye sees what appears to be a series of speckles in the sky where the star should be, slight bowed to the left from top to bottom. Whereas my left eye sees the star with a curved line of light bent slightly to the right bisecting it. I am pleased by this as I think it means the incision is finally healing completely, leaving only a portion of the cornea disturbed. Maybe once I see lights at night with no halos I’ll be able to see the computer screen clearly as well.

Next week I have the first follow-up exam since the day after my surgery. I’ll be curious to see what they have to say about my progress, and what their reaction to my upset regarding the lack of the one visual range I was most eager to gain, arm’s length.

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Mark H. Nichols

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