April 26, 2006

At my follow-up eye exam today I learned why I’ve been having so much trouble seeing. And I also learned that my instincts that something wasn’t right were dead on accurate. My right eye, the near one, healed far stronger than expected. Instead of measuring 150 it measures as a 3. Basically I have a microscope in my head. The doctor said there is no way I’ll be able to adjust to this; that I either need a second procedure to my right eye or to get glasses.

Thank goodness the special I got includes lifetime adjustments.

I have to wait three months for the eye to fully heal before it can be lazed again. At that time, and with my eye’s measured response to the first procedure taken into account, a correction will be made that should allow me to see the way I want. In the meantime I have two pairs of glasses that have a clear lens in front of the left eye, and a corrective lens for the right. The lens shifts my focus point out from 10 inches to a more useful arms length.

I’m not thrilled about having a second procedure performed, nor am I happy about wearing glasses for the next two months. But being able to sit up and see the computer screen is worth it. Even going through all the post-op stuff will be worth it.

And for all of you who know me, and have been aware that my patience with regard to this was non-existant, I say “nuts to you”. My bad for not calling the doctor sooner because I knew something wasn’t right when day after day after day I couldn’t see. Your bad for not hearing that I was genuinely concerned that something was wrong and counseling patience.

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