Word from Home

April 26, 2006

My mom called me last night and we had a wonderful conversation on the phone. She had been to her cancer treatment in the afternoon where her blood counts were high enough for a chemotherapy treatment. One bag of chemicals instead of the normal two, but a treatment nonetheless. She was tired from the outing but alert and herself on the phone. She even managed to eat some solid food for the first time in days.

She and I have been exchanging emails for a couple of day, with the draft text of her eulogy embedded. She is sending me, via “snail mail” some revisions she would like. While it is a bit strange to collaborate on her eulogy with her, it feels good that she is pleased with its content. My hope is that it is a long time before it has to be presented.

Since she was a little up from Sunday when I saw her last I am thinking that I won’t return to Illinois until the first weekend in May. My fervent hope is that nothing changes in the intervening days to accelerate that schedule.

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Mark H. Nichols

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