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Usually I don’t post about a book until I have finished with it, but I am enjoying Labyrinth, by Kate Mosse, too much to wait. A twist on the ever popular grail mystery, Labyrinth is very well written and engaging. Giving my personal beliefs and those I knew Michele held a couple of passages in the book have really struck a cord with me. Res contr’ Amor non es guirens, lai on sos poders s’atura.

Or, in English There is no protection against love, once it choose to exert its power

The other passage goes like this: The Bons Homes valued inner faith above outward display. The needed no consecrated buildings, no superstitious rituals, no humiliating obeisance designed to keep ordinary men apart from God. The did not worship images nor prostrate themselves before idols or instruments of torture. For the Bons Chretiens, the power of God lay in the word. The need only books and prayers, words spoken and read aloud. salvation was noting to do with the alms or relics of Sabbath prayers spoken in a language on the priests understood. In their eyes, all were equal in the Grace of the Holy Father – Jews or Saracen, man and woman, the beast of the fields and the birds of the air. There would be no hell, no final judgement, because through God’s grace all would be saved, although many would be destined to live life many times over before they regained God’s kingdom.

Powerful stuff, well written.

Updated: 5.6.2006 Rating: Excellent read, very satisfying all-around.

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