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After nearly six years of having a blog, and close to 900 entries, the one thing I don’t have is many comments. There have been twenty-nine comments total, to be exact, barely three percent in ratio to the postings. I don’t really write here for the comments, and I suppose that most of my postings are a bit personal for people to participate in by adding their two cents worth.

Henceforth I will not be enabling the comment feature on new postings. Eventually I’ll get around to turning comments off on all the existing postings, just to avoid getting any comment spam while I’m not looking.

If you want to respond to something I’ve written here, please feel free to email me. There’s a contact link towards the bottom of the colophon.

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Mark H. Nichols

I am a husband, cellist, code prole, nerd, technologist, and all around good guy living and working in fly-over country. You should follow me on Mastodon.