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Shortly after we moved into the apartment I currently live in, Michele woke me in the middle of the night terrified of the apartment. After a long discussion she came to the conclusion that there was bad energy in the apartment. We cleansed the apartment with a lit white candle, joined hands, and our combined voices telling what ever was in the apartment to get out and stay out. Now I know this sounds like the start of a slide into tin-foil hat territory, but something happened as we were cleansing the area in front of the kitchen door that leads to the garage. We had done the bedroom windows and the windows and doors in the living room. They were all shut. The only opening was the garage door, and the kitchen door leading to the garage. As we completed our cleanse the inner door moved, by itself several inches and there was an intense feeling of something moving past us. Afterwards the apartment did seem cleaner and brighter, and I know we both sleep better. Michele felt that whatever was there wasn’t evil per se, just negative, and by forcing it our we saved ourselves untold anxiety and worries.

Two nights ago as I lay in bed looking out the partially open window at the holly bush outside I suddenly saw a face formed in the leaves. I’ve had this window open for at least two weeks as the weather here has been mild, and I often look at this bush before falling asleep. The image of the face was imposing and fierce, it seemed as if it was glaring at me. I will admit that it was a little spooky. I kept telling myself that I was just being silly and rolled over and went to sleep. Last night as I lay down I again saw the face outline in the bush, staring in at me. Not wanting to deal with my imagination I got up and went outside and tore off the leaves comprising the face. Afterwards, looking outside I felt much better. The hint of malevolence I felt looking at the bush was now gone. Also, the cats returned to the window sill to watch through the screen, something they hadn’t been doing for several nights.

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