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Two of the television shows that both Michele and I loved to watch were Survivor and Amazing Race. I watched the spring season of both shows this year, and while it was bittersweet at times, I’m glad I let myself have this enjoyment.

On Amazing Race this year the team I rooted for right from the beginning was BJ and Tyler, or “The Hippies” as the other teams called them. What made them my favorites was their sheer love of life. The approached everything with wide-eyed enthusiasm and joy, even when they were last twice and had to start the next leg of the race with no money and only the clothes on their back (leaving BJ bare foot) they were excited to still be in the race.

In short, they were the type of team that Michele would have rooted for and been thrilled to see win. She had a hard time watching these types of shows sometimes, especially when teams that were cruder or nastier were winning. This season had its share of reversals and twists, but ultimately the team that was the nicest, and most deserving, won.

This one was for you Sweetie-pie.

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