A Matter of Hours

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It is only going to be a matter of hours now before my mom dies. She has been unresponsive since later Thursday or early Friday. Calling her name or talking to her no longer even causes her eyes to open. The hospice nurse assures us that we are doing all that can be done, and I personally believe that she isn’t aware any more about her physical state.

Originally I was going to return to Kansas today, but I’ve decided that my place is here, supporting my father and helping him to care for Mom. I can’t imagine that she will last through the day, and secretly I hope she doesn’t as I don’t want her to suffer at all any more.

My brother and sister-on-law came by yesterday, as did a neighbor who has been friends with my mom for over 39 years. One of the home health care nurses, who is no longer seeing my mom as hospice is now in charge, came on her day off to visit with her. We’ve surrounded her with love and are basically waiting for her to let go.

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