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I have managed to coast through this week on auto-pilot. Emotionally I have been flat with one or two angry outbursts for flavor. Physically I am exhausted and worn out. Mentally I’m just not focused at all. I’ve had to resort to making a list of things I need to accomplish this week so that I show up in Decatur with my suit and tie, dress socks and shoes. That it is a holiday shortened week isn’t helping matters at all as I feel like it is Wednesday and I have yet another day to prepare.

Tomorrow will be a long day as I am making the drive back to Illinois. Originally I was going to try and work the few remaining hours of my 32-hour week before going but I’ve decided that I need to take better care of me than that, and so I’ll be take some vacation time instead. I am looking forward to seeing my cousin, aunt and uncle over the weekend. I’ve not seen some of them for a long time. Funerals are such an odd mixture of reunion and sorrow.

My father forwarded to me a copy of the program Mom put together for the funeral. In addition to writing her obituary, she selected the music she wanted played:

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