Warmth of Friendship

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Today it seems as if everyone is too busy to sit down and really connect. We are all racing around from one job or activity to another. Just getting together requires planning and work with all of our schedules. So it is very nice to discover that people really do care, and really do worry about each other.

The condolences left with my mother’s online obituary are heartfelt and beautiful. The calls and emails I’ve received from friends near and far have made me feel good inside. My coworkers have given me the space to just be, but have also let me know that they are supportive and caring of what I am going through.

The past year has been filled with great loss and tremendous obstacles, but it has also shown me just how caring and wonderful people truly are. The hospice and home health care nurses all took a genuine interest in my mom, and went out of their way to treat her and my father with the gentle love they needed. My faith in humanity has been greatly restored as a result of the interactions I had following Michele’s death last fall, and my Mom’s just a week ago.

If the deaths of two people so very important to me so close together have taken me to a dark and foreboding place deep in the woods, then the light of friendship and true caring has shown me a path leading out of the darkness. I am forever grateful to everyone who has reached out to me during the past few months. I do not have words to express how much your unconditional acceptance and love has meant to me.

Thank you all.

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