June 08, 2006

Yesterday when I got home from work there was a crew working on the apartment above me, which has been empty since April 1st. I guess the lease finally ran out and the new tenant is due to move in tomorrow (Friday). The parking area between my building and the one to the east holds eight cars. The boobs on the work crew had three vehicles and managed to use up five of the spaces: a truck packed in two, and a car parked perpendicularly to the spaces in three more. Also they had a pickup backed up to the garage door on a diagonal so that they were blocking my garage door. I guess any form of thinking, much less critical thinking skills, aren’t taught in the schools these days.

This morning when I left for work I noticed that the boob-squad from yesterday not only left the garage door open, they left the interior door to the apartment open as well; and every light in the place was brightly burning. Maybe the term “boob-squad” is being generous?

Speaking of boobs… The building where I work has three doors, however before 6:00 AM only two are available for use as the full compliment of guards hasn’t started their shift yet. On those days when I am here before 6:00 AM (Yes. I know. That’s the topic of another post.) I still park near the unmanned door and walk to one of the manned ones. There is a guy, however, who must get there around 5:20 or 5:30 as he is always in the first space by the door, who sits and waits in his car for the 6:00 AM guard to come and open the door before going into work. I cannot imagine getting to work and sitting in my car for 30 or 40 minutes just so I won’t have to walk a few hundred feet around the building to another door.

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