4:00 am Rudeness

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This morning about 3:30 am I kept waking up thinking I was hearing music. I’d lie in bed straining my ears and finally convince myself that I was dreaming. By 4:00 am I was wide awake and still hearing music. As the new upstairs neighbors moved in yesterday I was ready to accuse them as the source of the noise but Taz clued me into the real source.

She was sitting facing the French door to my seldom using patio, and as I moved towards her I could hear the music distinctly. There appeared to be a light on at the patio next door, which is recessed and can’t be seen from my patio. Grabbing my shoes and made my way out side and around the corner. Sitting on the ground was a teenage girl and standing, holding a can of beer, was a skinny teenage boy. They had a radio blaring some God-awful atonal fingernails-on-a-chalkboard music. She was very started to see me standing there and even more startled when I said, “it was fucking 4:00 am and your music woke me up at the far end of my apartment.” She looked scared and he was too drunk to realize much, but he did say, “it’s over,” and they turned their radio off.

As much as I absolutely hate the idea of having to move, if I had a detached house I could rent I wouldn’t have to put up with upstairs neighbors, idiots who flunked parking lot politeness, and drunk teenagers at 4:00 am. I have until the end of this month - just over two weeks - to give notice; my lease is up August 31st and requires a sixty-day notice. Between deposits and renting a truck, not to mention finding a place I’d like to live, I fear it is impossible to move without potentially getting myself into a worse situation.

I guess I’ll stay here and be the grumpy guy who complains about all his idiot neighbors.

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