Getting Into The Groove

June 14, 2006

I am getting back into the martial arts workout groove. Muscles that were painfully sore after my first kendo workout are now only tired. The little nuances that make up and art form are starting to become apparent to me, and I am feeling my focus return as I strive to incorporate the proper stance, grip, footwork, and arm motions. In short I am starting to have fun with martial arts again.

Changing to a totally new style was the key I think. Trying to regain what I have lost in karate would have been possible, but now without tremendous dedication and forgiveness for myself. Not having studied karate in eight years means that physically I am starting over while mentally I want to be as good as I was when i stopped. Starting kendo puts my mental and physical expectations on par with each other, consequently I am far more apt to be successful.

I still have some concern about how this will effect my knees. Initially I think they are going to be more painful than normal, but as the muscle tone in my legs improves (and as I get into better shape overall) I think the pain will not only be reduced, I think it will be lower than my recent sedentary lifestyle has caused. Still I am closely monitoring them as I don’t want to make them worse.

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Mark H. Nichols

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