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Several weeks ago I had a followup visit with the optometrist at LasikPlus and he cleared me for the enhancement to my right eye any time I wanted after June 23rd. Since I’ll be unable to drive myself home I needed to coordinate a ride prior to setting the date, so rather than schedule it that day I called in a day or two later and scheduled the corrective surgery for June 29th.

Remembering that I needed some prescription eye drops following the first surgery, I called LasikPlus first thing this morning to have them call the drug store so I’d be all set Thursday. Just a few minutes ago I got call from the vision center informing me that I in fact do not have a surgery scheduled for this Thursday. It seems that when I called to set the appointment back in May, I got their national call center and the idiot there didn’t inform me that I couldn’t schedule a surgery through him. All I had setup was a checkup.

Fortunately there was a hole in the schedule on Friday, the 30th, so my eye will be fixed this week anyway. While the eye care there is top notch, the coordination amongst the staff and the schedules seems to be a bit lacking. Hopefully this correction will bring my right eye into the proper focal range and I’ll be able to rid myself of the temporary glasses and stop having procedures done and redone.

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