Son of Blister

June 28, 2006

One of the parts about working out in the martial arts that I haven’t missed a bit are the little incidental injuries. Karate-do was wonderful for mystery bruises appearing in places you had no recollection of having been hit. Jammed toes, especially on a competition matted floor were also common. The worst by far were the large blisters that would form working on a wooden floor. It seemed as if a large piece of callus would come off all at once, leaving tender and sometimes torn skin underneath.

Practicing kendo outside on grass adds a certain element to the potential foot dings and dents. No matter carefully the area is policed prior to a workout there always seems to be a rock or acorn in exactly the wrong spot. As I am still learning, and trying to transition the muscle memory of karate-do stances to the kendo stance, my feet are getting beat up. My left foot in particular is in a bad way.

Tonight’s blister is about the size of a quarter and a dime together. I know that it came from torquing my foot from a angled alignment to the straight one it is supposed to maintain. My bad. Also my major owie.

The forced hiatus following my eye surgery on Friday will hopefully give this monster time to heal before I return to the mats, er, lawn.

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