Windshield, Take Three

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My worst fears about the reapplication of the rain sensor to the inside of my new windshield were realized this afternoon. Just 90 minutes after the repair was completed the sensor was once again dangling from its wire harness.

<Expletive deleted />

I called the SafeLite people once again (it’s a bad sign when you can remember their phone number only two days after learning of them for the first time.) and scheduled a Saturday morning appointment here at home. (A) The car will have been in the garage overnight rather than in direct 97 degree sunshine. In other words the surface temperature of the glass won’t rival molten lava. (B) I won’t have to negotiate with the building guards at work who are only doing there job, but complicating this process anyway.

Should this repair fail to hold I’ll be on the phone to Progressive immediately. It was only at their recommendation and promise “to fight for me” that I went with the 3rd party and not Lexus themselves.

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