Patience Rewarded

July 01, 2006

A month ago my new upstairs neighbors arrived and I have been struggling with the noise level ever since. In talking to my source in the apartment office I was led to believe it was a late middle age single woman moving in above me. On the first or second day I observed three adults, a child of three or so, and two dogs entering the apartment.

I was not happy.

The child runs and stomps until she smacks into something and falls down. Whereupon she commencing shrieking at full volume. The dogs bark. And bark. And bark. Bark. Bark. Bark. I was ready to contact the office on several occasions but kept my self in check waiting to see if it would get better.

Well today it did.

Seems that there is only one tenant above me, as promised. The extras were her daughter and granddaughter who were visiting for a month. This morning, while watching the windshield guy do his thing, I also got to watch a man loading the mini-van and a small U-Haul truck with various belongings. At one point I asked, “You aren’t moving out already?” To which he replied that his wife and daughter had been visiting her mom for the past month while he was away at training at Fort Leonard Wood.


That explained the mis-matched license plates on the two vehicles. The mini-van was plated in Missouri while the sedan sports a Kansas tag. While I am not certain I am hoping that at least one (two? Please?) of the dogs goes away with the little stomper of joy.

So for once, holding my tongue kept me from looking like a dickhead. All those other times don’t count. Really. Okay, maybe that one time.

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