Mono Vision

July 02, 2006

The follow-up procedure I had to correct the vision setting in my right eye on Friday continues to be a success. As I learned the first time through the recovery process it will take a some time for the new focal range of the eye to settle and become permanent. Most of yesterday I was able to see very clearly at arms length. Even this laptop, with the resolution set to 1680x1050, is readable at arms length.

This morning things were a bit blurry upon first waking up; they have improved since then. I was warned that there would be more awareness of the flap in my eye this time and I am aware of a slight feeling of grittiness in that eye. Adding more artificial tears usually makes that sensation go away.

Since I have been wearing disposable glasses for the last three months that allowed my right eye to have the proper focal length while not correcting my left eye at all, my brain is already in mono-vision mode. I am no longer consciously aware of the shift from eye to the other based on the object I am viewing. If I stop to notice I can tell, mostly through awareness of which side of my nose I am seeing. (I guess a large nose has to be good for something.)

I want to wait a few weeks to see how my right eye heals before declaring this a success, but I am very hopeful this morning that the “enhancement”, as LasikPlus insists on calling this second procedure, has given me the vision I desired.

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