Let Them Eat Cake

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For someone who usually spends his free time alone, huddled in front of multiple computer screens living life vicariously, this weekend has been filled with social outings.

Sunday afternoon and early evening I was at a friend’s house for a cookout. About fourteen people, some I knew from work and some new to me, were there. I had a good time and I am glad that I went. At times it was poignant for me as every one else there was part of a couple, but it was still good to be out and about.

This evening I am headed off to another friend’s house for a 4th of July cookout. This time I am bringing my chocolate frosted chocolate cake. The host family has had it before and raves about it; in fact they specially requested that I bring one today. I haven’t made too many cakes in the nine months or so since Michele died. She and I could polish one off in a week, but solo I can’t eat more than half. And it seems sad some how to have a cake just for one. So I’m happy to bake and frost today.

This morning I decided that I needed a pot of chili as well, so I spent an hour or so chopping a pepper, onion, garlic cloves, and celery, and putting it all together. I had a bowl for lunch and I think it turned out very nicely. I’ve got six portions left over, three in the freezer and three ready to eat, so I’ll be in chili heaven for the next couple of weeks.

I’m hopeful that the party this afternoon will be fun for me. Sometimes in a large group I shut down and end up not having as much fun. My goal today is to open up and have fun. I need some fun.

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