Windshield From Hell

July 05, 2006

The saga of my windshield continues. Yesterday morning we had intermittent showers while I was out having breakfast and buying groceries and the automatic rain sensor failed to work properly.

When the windshield was replaced the old sensor stuck to the removable housing and cable assembly. The technician didn’t notice this and consequently there were two sensor pads (the old one on the housing and the new one on the glass) which doubled the thickness and caused the glue to fail leaving the housing dangling by its wire.

The technician on repair attempt number two also failed to discover the presence of the extra sensor and his glue and tape job failed within minutes of his leaving the scene.

Technician number three actually discovered the problem, and removed the old sensor pad from the housing resulting in a repair that at least looks correct. The housing has stayed glued to the glass since Saturday. Only it doesn’t work properly. When the control stalk is positioned at automatic the wipers cycle at a very slow speed regardless of the amount of rain on the windshield. So instead of having settings for automatic, intermittent, and high; I now have very slow, intermittent, and high.

I strongly suspect that I’ll have to have the entire windshield replaced again in order to get a functioning rain sensor pad. Hopefully that technician will be bright enough to remove the old pad completely so as not to damage the new one reapplying the housing.

I never should have allowed the claims adjuster to talk me into this installer, even with their guarantee and promise to back them up. Three times now I’ve had to make the car available for hours on end and wait for them to show. Calling them today will only mean more of the same. I should’ve lived with the damn crack in the glass.

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