Windshield Woes

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Believe it or not, my windshield woes continue. In our last episode the technician came and examined the rain sensor assembly and decided that a new “gel pack” was needed. He called his office and they placed an order. Later that day I was called by the dispatcher and informed that the parts would arrive late Thursday, and could they install it on Friday. I explained very clearly that my car would be at my work location from 6:30 until 2:00 today, that the work had to be completed before 2:00 PM.

So naturally when I called at 1:15 this afternoon to inquire as to the status of my repair I was told that the technician would be at least another hour before he even left for my location. It seems that telling the dispatcher what times do and don’t work for you, the customer, doesn’t have any impact.

After venting at the current dispatcher on the phone about all of this we agreed that they would come on Monday between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM. I told him in no uncertain terms that if the car wasn’t fixed and working by 10:00 AM that I would be calling my insurance agent and taking my business elsewhere. Then I called Safelite’s Customer Satisfaction line and filled them in (again) on the troubles to date. They promised to follow up with the local unit first thing Monday morning. Of course on Wednesday they promised to follow up today, and whether they did or didn’t, nothing happened today.

No matter what happens on Monday I will be calling Progressive and voice my extreme displeasure with this entire affair. I was prepared to have the car repaired at the local Lexus dealer’s body shop when the adjuster talked me into using Safelite. She said they were highly recommended and that Progressive would back them up 100% and go to bat for me if needed. On Wednesday they did put me in touch with Safelite’s Customer Satisfaction division, but so far that hasn’t visibly helped.

Please just shoot me now.

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