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As a part of my efforts to regain some fitness and lose weight I joined the neighborhood gym. I received a mailer from them in the mail touting a $10 per month fee, good for three years, with no contract. Figuring I had nothing to lose I went to look the place over on Monday after work.

Lots of cardio machines (elliptical trainers, stair machines, treadmills, and a few stationary bicycles), the usual assortment of muscle specific weight machines, and a smattering of free weights make up the main floor. Suspended around the perimeter was a walking/running track (thirteen laps to the mile). The atmosphere seemed to be pretty good. I’ve been in clubs where there was a real “meat market” feel to them, and this place wasn’t like that at all. In my tee-shirt and ratty shorts I fit right in with the people there.

So I joined. I can quit anytime with a thirty day written notice, and at $10 a month I won’t have to go too many times to get my money’s worth. I’ve got an appointment with their trainer Thursday evening to learn about all the machines, and to get properly setup on their use. By the end of the hour I should have a customized program designed to help me lose weight and tone up. On my own I’ve already experimented with some of the machines, and last night I took a two mile stroll around the track.

I may never have the same fitness and body shape I did when I was twenty-five again, but I know I can eliminate the pear shape I’ve got now.

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