Weighing In

July 13, 2006

Due to a great $10 a month offer I joined the nearby fitness club earlier this week. Tonight I had my introductory session with one of their trainers and learned about the resistance training machines and how to utilize them for my goals. The trick now will be balancing the kendo workouts with the circuit training so that I don’t over tax myself.

Ideally I should do the circuit training two or three times a week, with a day in between to allow my muscle some recovery time. The kendo workouts are strenuous but not aerobic at all. The first few left my arms and shoulders weak the next day, but that has subsided now to where I don’t really notice it the next day. Whereas I am positive that (at least initially) I’ll feel the weight training the next day. Since kendo is Wednesday evening and Saturday morning, I think I’ll slot the weights in for Monday evening and Thursday evening to start, and once I get over the initial aftershocks, maybe add a third weight session to Saturday prior to kendo.

Already I am feeling better and have more energy. Just getting out and doing something is making a difference. That my chosen activities are going to move me in a healthy direction is a bonus.

Life goes on.

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