Ten Things I Learned This Week

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  1. The energy that makes life worth living, comes from actually living. Not waiting around for life to come find you.

  2. You can survive moving on from grief. The guilt over leaving your loved one behind passes, and you regain access to memories previously blocked.

  3. Having an anonymous blog is freeing.

  4. The world wide web is smaller than you thing. Especially when one of your anonymous blogs is found by a friend.

  5. 95 degree heat plus 75% humidity equals 110 degree heat index.

  6. Anticipation is a good thing.

  7. Cheap sunglasses are sometimes better than expensive ones.

  8. I can eat the same menu (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) two days in a row.

  9. Like the Owl in the old Tootsie Roll Suckers commercials who could only lick three times before crunching the sucker, I can only keep quiet for 42 minutes in a meeting.

  10. Writing a list like this at the spur of the moment is not easy.

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Mark H. Nichols

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