July 16, 2006

In addition to all the physical things I’ve started doing to take better care of me, I’ve also started to look towards the future. And that future is not one spent alone. For all my introversion and comfort being with myself, I am a social creature who craves contact with other people. My circle of friends isn’t large, but I have long standing and deep relationships with each of them.

Not wanting to be alone, and living a solitary life presented a bit of a challenge. How to meet new people? How to find someone with which to explore a potential relationship? Laura had told me about her experience with eHarmony and one night about two weeks ago I decided to check it out. Seeing as how there is a seven-day free trial I went ahead and filled out the intake survey. Reading over the personality profile they produced of me, I found myself nodding in agreement again and again. Their interview had done a very good job of capturing and quantifying me.

Almost immediately I started getting matches. The initial geographical boundary set was the entire US, and so I dialed that down to 300 miles almost immediately, as I was getting matched to women in Montana and Georgia. The process is structured to move from closed-ended questions to more open questions, and finally open communication through the eHarmony site. Thus far I have found the process easy and enjoyable - I look forward to getting new answers or communications from the people I’m interested in knowing.

One match has progressed to the initial meeting stage, which is a story unto itself, but one I’m not going to share publicly. Suffice to say that I had a very good time, and learned quite a bit about myself as a result.

It feels both good and scary to be taking this step. Picking up the pieces of my life and examining them, leaving some behind and taking others with me, is difficult, necessary but difficult.

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Mark H. Nichols

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