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Morgan Spurlock, director and creator of the movie Super Size Me had a short-run program on F/X last year called “30 Days.” Well it’s back, and better than ever.

The first episode of season two tackles the issue of illegal immigration by placing a staunch anti-illegal immigration advocate into the home of a family of illegals. To make the man joining the family more interesting, he is a member of the volunteer group (Minutemen) who patrol the boarder and report illegal crossings to the authorities. Furthermore he himself is a legal immigrant, coming from Cuba in 1957 when Castro took over that country.

As was the case last year the story tells itself, and the ending may surprise you. I simply cannot think of a better program on television today. 30 Days puts you in the middle of the most charged situations in America today, moreover it puts a real face on the issue in a way that normal network television shuns.

Set your Tivo for F/X on Wednesday night.

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