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I continue to lose weight at a surprising rate. Yesterday morning the scale read two-thirty-three, which is seventeen pounds lighter than when I started in early June. It appears that the Eat Less Do More (tm) diet actually works. I’ve been averaging about 1400 calories a day now and that seems to be enough less, combined with my increased physical activity, to help me lose weight. I’ve been told that ten pounds is a “size” so I’ll be in the market for new pants soon. My current rotation of work slacks are all getting lose around the waist.

I’ve also started to notice less pain and clicking from my knees. The first few weeks of kendo produced some new noises from the left knee in particular but, not only has the clicking gone away, the creaking I’ve had for years in both knees is less. I’m very careful about over extending them or injuring them.

I am now willing to be optimistic that I’ll not only reach my goal of two hundred pounds, but perhaps even one ninety or less.

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