Two Thirty And Counting

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Saturday morning, prior to my workout, the scale read two thirty point four. Just four tenths of a pound shy of a twenty pound weight loss in two months time. After my workout the same scale read two twenty eight and change. Working out in near hundred degree temperatures causes impressive water weight loses.

If my math is correct I’m losing about 0.35 pounds a day on average, or a caloric deficit of twelve hundred and forty seven calories. My average daily caloric intake since the beginning of June has been just a fraction under seventeen hundred. The average for the last five days is twelve hundred and twenty two. At this rate I’ll see two hundred pounds by Halloween, and one ninety for Thanksgiving. I don’t expect this rate of loss to continue, eventually the curve will flatten out.

The best part is having people ask me if I am losing weight, or just telling me that they can see the weight loss. The catch is that my pants are all getting baggy. I’m going to have to either have them taken in or buy new ones. I’m hoping to take them in and get maybe another twenty pounds of use out of them before buying new. No one told me losing weight was going to be expensive.

Not that I am complaining, mind you.

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