Left Leaning

August 09, 2006

Maybe three weeks ago I had the car into the shop for a scheduled maintenance and oil change. One of the activities performed is a tire rotation. In the days following that visit I noticed that at highway speed the car had a pronounced pull to the left. Since I was going to be taking it back in order for the front brakes to be replaced in a couple of weeks I wasn’t’ too worried about it.

Yesterday the brakes were replaced and the rotors resurfaced, all four wheels were balanced, and the front end aligned. One the way home the car was still pulling to the left. (Somewhere in there is a liberal in Kansas joke.)

Calling my service representative this morning I was able to set up another appointment on Monday to have the wheels cross rotated to see if that corrects the issue. I wonder if the rear end is out of alignment, and if so, could that make the car liberal in its handling.

Ah the joys of a car nearing 100,000 miles of usage.

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Mark H. Nichols

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