Groin Pull

August 21, 2006

As a part of my campaign to lose weight (twenty-six pounds lost so far!) I’ve been doing some resistance weight training at a nearby gym. Several of the machines are quite challenging for me, particularly the shoulder press which taxes an old rotator cuff injury. A couple are fairly easy. One of those was the crunch machine. With only thirty-five pounds on the stack I was easily able to complete two thirty repetition sets each workout.

So I upped the total to eighty a week ago Friday. While a bit more strenuous it still felt like it was inside rather than at my limit. So last Monday I upped the total to one hundred reps - in hindsight not my brightest move. By early evening I was noticing some stiffness, soreness when I moved my legs a certain way, or made twisting motions. I figured that I had just made the abs sore and all would be well in a day or two.

Tuesday I could barely walk. The pain was all through my groin and upper thighs, and even simple things like side-stepping came with an incredible zing of pain. I had four Motrin for breakfast and more for lunch. The pain level really didn’t diminish, so if the Motrin was working it was only keeping the pain at bay, it wasn’t reducing it at all. That evening I felt a little better and did some light household chores - the movement seemed to improve things.

Wednesday I was moving more normally, with some awkwardness once in a while. I felt good enough that I attended my kendo workout. Once I was warmed up I felt good through out the workout. The calm before the storm.

Thursday I was once again hobbled but still relatively capable. My left leg was sore, especially when asked to move sideways, but I was generally okay. Friday was spent in the car driving to Illinois for the weekend. Those six hours were increasingly uncomfortable - there are only so many ways to sit in a car - and I was getting stiff and sore.

Friday evening was the most uncomfortable yet; a softer than I like mattress added to my pain, as it was hard to move around with out causing myself a jolt of pain. Saturday I was once again fairly active - spending several hours in a museum, and then another walking around a miniature golf course. Sunday was another six hour day in the car, which again left me tight and sore. Thinking that a walk would loosen things up was misguided. The post dinner walk just aggravated the pull and consequently I had a long, uncomfortable night.

Since the Motrin hadn’t touched the pain before, when it normally works well for me, I hadn’t really tried anything else. Needing to do something to regain at least the appearance of control, I took a couple of Alieve first thing this morning. Imagine my joy at discovering that it was actually working. While I haven’t been pain free all day, I am mobile and not uncomfortable.

I’m going to skip the weights this week, and kendo as well, to give my leg plenty of time to heal. The last thing I want is to create a chronic injury situation for myself. I guess the moral of the story is that even though I’m still twenty-eight or thirty in my head, physically I am forty-five.

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