September 06, 2006

Tuesday morning I was successful in navigating the rapids of the local DMV and got a new sticker for my license plate. Some investigation online the night before revealed a branch location much closer to my apartment than the main office that I had been to in vain on Friday. The posted hours were 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. Since Tuesday was going to be the first day after a holiday weekend I anticipated a long line.

When I arrived at 6:45 there was one guy waiting in his car, and another car just parking. The three of us assembled at the door, with me in second place. By 7:00 there were a half dozen other people in line, and by 7:30 my estimate was over sixty people waiting. Forty-five minutes in the fresh, cool morning air paid off.

Much to my amazement, telling the clerk that I had spoken to “Francis” on Friday and that she had okay-ed an exemption for my title, worked. In five minutes I had a sticker and was on my way. Now I have eleven months to secure a loan here in Kansas so I’ll have a title here in Kansas. Since the loan in Illinois is 5% and a new loan will likely put me in the 9% range I think I’ll keep the current loan for a while yet.

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Mark H. Nichols

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