Lifting Again

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After a three week hiatus to allow a pulled groin muscle to heal I returned to the gym today. I don’t think the original pull was really all that bad, but I managed to aggravate it on several occasions by continuing my kendo workouts. As kendo is primarily a right-leg forward activity any movement primarily involves the adductor muscles in the left leg. I sat out for a couple of practices and made heavy use of Aleve for a week or so to get over the worst of it.

This morning I was slow and cautious, especially on the leg machines, and had no pain or soreness during the workout. I’ll keep close tabs on it throughout the day to see if it becomes sore. Since I am on vacation next week I am thinking that a couple mild workouts this week to ease back into the routine, followed by some time off, will insure that I don’t make this a chronic injury.

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