Coming Home

September 28, 2006

After much deliberation and a couple of relatively sleepless nights, I’ve decided to continue Nekko’s treatment and bring her home.

It was pointed out to me that one of my options was permanent and the other wasn’t. That was a huge factor in the choice to continue. My significant other said that she is willing to work with me to help Nekko, and willing to work at our relationship within the new parameters Nekko’s illness imposes. To use her words, “we can have a relationship and a diabetic cat.” A ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy week.

This afternoon I should get the call saying she has been released and can go home. At that time I’ll get instruction on making the injections and giving her the heart pill. It’ll be an adventure. Ha ha ha.

I’m going to ask at the hospital if they have a list of nurses or technicians who want to make a little on the side - I’d like to have someone I could call to come and give Nekko her medicines if I wanted to be gone for a day or two. With an 81-year old father who has three different doctors who all want to perform surgery on him, soon, I’m going to need to go to Illinois some this fall and winter too. Without someone lined up an emergency would just spiral out of control.

I am cautiously optimistic that in a few days my life with have settled back into something approaching normal. Being out of my comfort zone with regards to Nekko this week has been exhausting emotionally and mentally. Once things subside to the normal level of chaos I’ll start to feel better.

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