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Several months ago my broadband connection started acting up. After several calls to technical support it was determined that my cable modem had “gone bad.” Since the monthly fee includes the use of one of Time-Warner’s modems I went to the local office and got one.

Everything has worked fine since, until last week. Thursday morning the connection as down, but with no time to investigate I left it for the evening. When I got home it was up and working. Then on Tuesday it went down again. This time my efforts failed to restore it. Unplugging the modem and cable for thirty seconds and then plugging it back in failed to restore a connection.

The call to technical support seemed to indicate that the modem was bad. Again. I was out of town Tuesday evening, and so it was yesterday before I picked up a new modem from the cable store. The new modem worked flawlessly for about ninety minutes.

Calling support was not satisfactory as they now feel it is a problem with the line. I have a service call schedule for Friday morning between 8 am and 11 am. The technician was not amused when I inquired as to where to send my bill for lost time at work.

Needless to say, my broadband connection has worked flawlessly since calling support and getting the appointment for Friday setup.

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