Living Upstairs Would Make Robbery Harder, Right?

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I’m thinking about moving….

I stopped in the apartment office yesterday after work thinking about alarms and left thinking about moving to an upstairs apartment.

There is an alarm option. $30 one time installation fee and then $25 per month for the monitoring service. It is an intrusion alarm that will trigger a call to the police if either the front or patio doors are opened and the code isn’t entered. So, $300 per year for an alarm.

I asked about upstairs apartments for the same rent. It turns out there are two 2-bedroom models upstairs that are roughly the same rent as I am paying now. Their floor plans are different than my current apartment, but both are about 200 square feet bigger than this one. Without making any calls about renting a U-Haul or van I would guess that it would cost about $300 to move from one building to another.

One of the upstairs models is in the center of the building so it has windows on both sides - cross ventilation. They both have private balconies, 2-bathrooms and 2-bedrooms. Without visiting the empties (I saw the models yesterday) I am not 100% sure, but I am confident they would both get sunshine year round.

It is very tempting to move, however I need to sleep on it for a day or three before deciding. I don’t want to make a hasty decision that I’ll have to live with for a year. There would be no penalty - my lease would transfer, but the term of the lease would start over again on the day I moved. I could set the term to 6, 9, 12 or 13 months.

My skin still crawls a bit when I think about the pond-scum that were in my place a couple of days ago, so moving to a fresh apartment might be the silver lining in this particular cloud.

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