Twice A Day

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Just over a week ago, Nekko had her follow up visit at the animal hospital. At the time I expressed my frustration at having to inject her twice a day with insulin to the doctor. He firmly, but politely, explained to me that there was really no option. The longer lasting insulin wasn’t nearly as effective, especially with felines, as the twelve hour stuff. In short he said that I had to find a way to inject her on a regular schedule as close to every twelve hours as possible.

I am happy to say that I have been successful in achieving that goal for the past ten days. Her favorite hiding spot is under my bed, which being king-sized, leaves her plenty of room to hide. Not wanting to move the bed and chase her I needed a way to guarantee me access to her for a shot. By sliding an air mattress under the bed and inflating it I was able to cordon off half of the space there resulting in her being within arms reach from the other side.

Now when I need to inject her I simply “chase” her under the bed and, once she is there, lay on the floor and reach under to give her a shot. I am greatly pleased that I am now (finally) giving her the insulin on a regular basis. Already I am seeing some changes in her urine output that signal, perhaps, that her blood chemistry is becoming more stable. Over the Thanksgiving holiday she will be staying at a local veterinarian’s where they will be able to test her blood and give me an idea of whether the insulin dosage is correct.

Coordinating my schedule in order to be at home every twelve hours (actually anywhere from nine to fifteen, but still) isn’t easy. I may yet have to resort to hiring someone to come into my home and inject Nekko when I want to be away and don’t want to board her. Also, it would be nice to have someone on hand in case of emergency.

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