Third Tire is a Charm

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On Friday, after work, I stopped by the tire store and had a conversation with the manager there. Armed with information about the speed rating of the tires Lexus recommends for my car I hoped to talk them in to switching the tires from “H” to “V”. The manager proved to be very easy to work with and we were able to negotiate a solution.

This morning I took the car in at 9:00 and they put new “V” rated tires on the car, only charging me the difference in price between the original tire and the new one. As I had managed to put just over four thousand miles on the tires since they were put on, I thought this was a very generous deal for me. The store was surprisingly busy for a Sunday, and he didn’t call to let me know the car was ready until nearly 3:00 this afternoon.

The ride home was smooth and without wobble. Of course the highest speed limit between the store and my apartment is 45 MPH, the speed at with the problem only started. After dinner this evening a brief ride in the car demonstrated that there is no more wobble, even at highway speeds. While I am sorry about all the frustration and stress the first set of tires caused in just a month’s time, I am glad that I finally have the proper set of tires on my car once again.

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