Car Hockey

November 29, 2006

A day of steady rain, coupled with falling temperatures has resulted in the opening day of the 2006-2007 Kansas City Car Hockey Season. All you need to do to play is get in your car and head on out to the nearest inclined interstate on ramp and gun your engine. Forget driving normally, drive extra fast so that you can be home before everyone else. Remember, the laws of physics don’t apply when you have an over-sized 4x4 with dualies. Oh, and don’t bother to clear the wind shield. Just scrape a tiny gap in the middle and let the defroster do the rest while you blindly grope your way into moving traffic.

I figure the normal 25 minute commute will be closer to an hour tonight. Not including the 10 minutes or so to chip my way into the car and clear the windshield, side and rear windows, and outside mirrors.

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Mark H. Nichols

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