Locker Excavation

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Ever since moving to Kansas in 2004 a considerable pile of my stuff has resided in two storage lockers nearby. It turns out that a 2200 square foot house doesn’t fit well into a 1000 square foot apartment. Also the house had considerable storage, including a 3-bay garage.

In the intervening two years I had on occasion gone into one or both lockers in search of items I missed or wanted. As a result the contents, particularly in the locker full of boxes (the other has some furniture hidden away in it’s depths), are a jumble. I’ve had it in my mind to try and get rid of unwanted or no longer needed items, and to consolidate half full boxes into full boxes. Ideally I like to clean out one locker and reduce my monthly rent by 50%.

Realizing that this is a daunting chore under any circumstances my plan is to tackle it in stages. Today my goal was to find as many music compact disks as possible and bring them home. Also, to get rid of all the old VHS tapes that I’ll never watch again. The afternoon excavation was highly successful. We managed to throw away two large boxes, and one medium one full of all bathroom and kitchen item that were past their prime. And we put together several boxes and bags of items to be donated to a shelter.

The locker is a long ways from empty, but it is a good start. In a couple of weeks it’ll be time to make another foray into the cardboard to see what else I can donate, toss, or otherwise remove from storage.

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