Tissue Issue

December 11, 2006

Go to your nearest pastry store, bakery, or donut shop and buy a couple of your favorite whatever to go. Watch carefully what happens next. The person behind the counter will grab a sheet of tissue paper, usually decorated with the name of the establishment and it’s logo, to handle the food items you are getting. One by one he or she will place your goodies in a box or bag for your take with you. When they are done they will leave the tissue in the container with your food.

Now, if you were to ask her or him why they use a piece of tissue paper to handle your food they would explain that it keeps whatever is on their hands from being on your food. The booger from their recent nose excavation for example, or whatever it was they recently scratched off their back. Sounds like a good idea. Keep the germs, and whatever else is living on their fingers, off your food.

I like it. Great idea. Fantastic.

I just have one question.

Why then, do they put the tissue in the bag WITH YOUR FOOD?

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Mark H. Nichols

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