The Flattening Curve

December 12, 2006

Since starting to lose weight in June, the graph of my daily weight has maintained a steady downward trend. There are flat spots in the plotted curve here and there, but the overall trend is downward. That is until recently.

I’ve stopped participating in kendo and the lack of “do more” (the DM part of Eat Less, Do More) has made a difference. My weight has been hovering between 202 and 207 for several weeks now. On the one hand it is nice to know what it will take to maintain a weight, but on the other hand I haven’t reached my initial goal yet. Nor have I reached my ultimate goal of 180 pounds.

Starting last week I’ve returned to the gym and weight lifting. I don’t expect that activity to count as “doing more”, rather I hope it will tone and tighten my body as I continue to lose weight. Kendo, especially in the extreme heat of July and August, helped me to burn a lot of calories. I need to find some new activity to increase my “do” quotient each week.

Having said all of that, I am very pleased with myself for having lost 45 pounds in five months. That’s nine 5-pound sacks of potatoes in the store.

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Mark H. Nichols

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