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Today I had occasion to call the customer service number for Select Comfort, the “sleep number bed” people. My bed is now eight years old and the foam border walls, as well as the center foam piece are a bit compressed. I wanted to find out how much a replacement set would be, so I could either order a set or start saving money for a set.

Once the representative verified who I was, I explained that I wanted to price the foam border walls and center piece. She looked them up on her computer and said, “The cost for those is so minimal we’ll just ship them to you for no charge.”


No hesitation, no quibble, just, “we’ll ship them to you for no additional charge.”

In a era when customer service is increasingly frustrating, and often ineffective, to have a call actually result in service is nice. To have a call be handled so adroitly, and to have it exceed my expectations is fantastic.

I’ve always raved about the comfort of my “sleep number” bed. Now I can rave about the organization behind it as well.

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