Refold Undies

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Life being what it is, there are times when the plethora of choices, options, and decisions to be made can overwhelm. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have options, to have more good than you can use at once. But it can also wear you down. Leaving options on the table, recognizing that not everything that was possible is possible can leave you drained.

That’s when you need to stay home and refold undies. Or collect navel lint, or star gaze, or whatever you do when the information abundance era threatens to overwhelm.

For me it is watching, or at least playing, favorite movies. Ones I’ve seen again and again but still enjoy. Since it isn’t new, since it is a known quantity, I can participate without active focus. The minimal level of concentration required is just enough to clear my head of all the noise my options, choices, decisions have generated. It provides the necessary downtime to recharge my batteries.

How do you refold your undies?

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