Spray Paint

March 20, 2007

While out and about on Sunday afternoon I managed to run over a can of spray paint laying in the road. The paint is in the red family of colors. I know this as my car has a surprising amount of paint on it now.

From looking at the car I can tell that the passenger-side rear tire went over the can - it has the most paint. The quarter panel behind the rear tire on that side has some paint down low, where the body panel curves under the car. The rear of the car has the most paint, surprisingly enough. Once I hit the can (I swerved, but not enough it seems) it exploded and started spinning while spewing paint. The view in the rear view mirror was of the can spinning and spraying paint.

Immediately after hitting the can I went to a car wash and washed the car. By this time is was dusk and against the black paint of the car the dark red flecks of spray paint weren’t really visible. In the sunlight yesterday I could finally see the coverage, especially on the rear of the car. Running my fingers over the painted areas I can feel the texture of the spray paint, so I am hoping that it is just on the clear coat and could be buffed off. Of course, if the buffing causes the spray paint to scratch the underlying body color the entire car could end up needing new paint.

Between taxes and some other planned expenses this year I really don’t have enough money to afford repainting the entire car. And I am not looking forward to spending time on the phone and schlepping around town to get estimates and advice on repairing the finish from the Lexus dealer and body shops.

As for the asshat who tossed a can of spray paint out on the road, well…. Let’s just say that I hope that what goes around comes around in this case.

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