Five Under Two Hundred

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For several weeks now my morning weight has been hovering between two hundred and two oh five. I’ve been eating a bit more than I was previously, and I am not currently engaged in a weekly workout regimen. The “eat less, do more” weight loss only works if you in fact eat less and do more.


I’ve been paying attention to portion size once again. Also I’ve been trying to eat slowly again. For years a persistent issue with swallowing forced me to cut my food into tiny bites and to eat very slowly. In the last year this condition has all but disappeared from my life - I cannot remember the last time I had difficulty swallowing while I was eating. As a result I have started to eat faster which has an unintended side effect. When you eat at a measured pace your body has time to decide if it is full or not. When you eat quickly it is possible to eat until you are over full. The sheet momentum of eating quickly carries you past the point of having your hunger satisfied and into the realm of full, stuffed or gorged.

In the last week I’ve been refocused on eating at a measured pace and I’ve been trying to watch portion size again. I’ve yet to re-add a recurring strenuous physically activity but even so, I’ve now had five days where my morning weight was below two hundred pounds. Five days in a row under two hundred.

In ten months time I have lost, and kept off, fifty pounds of weight.


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