Winning Streak

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Shortly after starting at my new job I was asked if I wanted to join the Superbowl pool. Figuring it might be a good way to meet some of the people I was working with I decided to give it a go. To make a long story short, I happen to win both the first and second quarters for a total of $125. I caught some razzing for being the new guy and taking half the pot home.

Last week there was a company wide drawing for tickets to see some Royals home games. The company has a number of seats and when customers aren’t using them employees can enter a random drawing. My name was drawn out of the hat so we are going to see the Royals host the Chicago White Sox on the 24th. I haven’t said anything to anyone - the winner’s names were published on the employee Intranet - but it sure feels like I am on a winning streak.

Maybe I should start buying lottery tickers more consistently.

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