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This morning I was reading one of my favorite sites, Life Hacker and saw a posting about personal Wiki software. A “wiki” is the editable, cross-linked system behind Wikipedia. I currently use one on occasion on my Powerbook called <a href=“http=“http://flyingmeat.com/voodoopad/" title=“VoodooPad”>VoodooPad. I’ve been looking for one to use on the Windows XP-based Thinkpad.

The posting about WikiPad had many comments, and several mentioned other wiki solutions, including TiddlyWiki, and ZuluPad. There was also a comment with a link to a review of note taking applications, which had an oh-by-the-way mention of some password storage software that was portable, i.e., it would run on a USB key. So I followed the link to essential portable applications and from there to the KeyPass home page.

Now, KeyPass works as a part of the PortableApps suite. So I pulled out my U3 enabled USB key and disabled the U3 launcher and autorun files (I was tired of the lack of updates to the U3 version of Firefox) and started the PortableApps suite downloading.

PortableApps is downloaded now, and ready to be installed. Then I’ll need to configure it, and install KeyPass. I’ll be putting it through the paces for the next few days before I pass judgment. I still have the tabs for WikiPad, TiddlyWiki, and ZuluPad open; eventually I’ll get back to deciding which of them to download and try first, but right now I need to respond to an email.

Who says being mildly ADD is a bad thing? :)

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