Switching Buildings

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Since starting my new job in January my team, and two floors worth of other people, have been temporarily housed in a borrowed building. The company I work for is owned by a larger company, and we’ve been squatting in one of their buildings. My company has recently completed interior renovations on a new office building, and everyone is moving. Some people are moving from the temporary building to the new building, some from the original building to the new building, and some (including me) are moving from the temporary building to the original building.

Moving at work is a lot less difficult than moving at home. Other people plan all the steps and make all the arrangements. All you need do is toss your stuff in a box or three and slap some labels on everything and walk out into a beautiful Friday afternoon. On Monday, all your stuff is in your new cubical.

At least that’s the plan. Tune in on Monday to see how it all works out.

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