Turn Your Head and Cough

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Today I had my first physical in perhaps a dozen years. There are several dynamics at work here, not the least of which is a desire to keep my health for as long as possible. You see, when I was sixteen and the United States celebrated its Bicentennial I decided that I wanted to be alive to see the Tricentennial. I’ll be 116 then, and I’d like my body to be as fit and as healthy as possible.

Finding a new doctor is an interesting experience. This is a person you will be sharing intimate details of your person with, and if you happen to select a doctor with whom you can’t openly discuss bodily functions (or the lack thereof) you need to start over again. My insurance provider has a cumbersome to use but ultimately useful physician locator on their website. With a list of internists in hand I tried to figure out which to see. Finally I just settled for the first one alphabetically.

Dr. B was very approachable and easy to talk with; she didn’t talk down to us and I feel she listened to my concerns and addressed them. While the exam was perhaps a bit perfunctory (I didn’t actually turn my head and cough) I feel good about the visit. I should get the results of a back x-ray and blood work back early next week. I’ve also got a recommendation for a dermatologist as there is a history of skin melanoma in my family and I have some candidate moles.

In keeping with my new found desire to become active in my health once again I have a dentist appointment next week. Expect the posting following that visit to be one long “Gaaaaaah!” sound.

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